About Us

Nestled in the heart of Central Pennsylvania, the Out Door Country Club has been home to York families for more than 100 years. Like its membership, the Out Door Country Club has grown and evolved over the years, but it has stayed true to the dream of its founding members: to provide its members with an entertainment, recreational, and sporting facility unlike any other in the area.

The Out Door Country Club blends picturesque surroundings to create a facility unique among York clubs. At the heart of the complex is the Clubhouse, built in 1959. Its splendor and class offer style and ambiance to parties and special events. Owned and operated by its members since 1892, the Out Door Country Club has become a focal point of the York community - a gathering spot for families and friends. We welcome you to experience our one-of-a-kind, full-service country club.




History of Out Door Country Club - Celebrating 129 Years in 2021

1892 was a simpler time.  Prominent men and women from the York area gathered for leisure activities at 645 Madison Avenue in York, home of the Out Door Club.  Surrounded by magnificent  classic Victorian homes, many still standing today, the Club’s activities included tennis, croquet, bicycling and hiking; long before golf became the sport of choice for club members at the turn of the century.  Distinguished men dressed in their “whites” and their elegant ladies adorned in high-collared, fine, stylish Victorian dresses gathered on the wide, accommodating porch surrounding the Clubhouse.
By the early 1920’s, golf had rapidly overtaken the other sports as the sport-of-choice at the Club. The search for a new home, with the capacity for golfing activities, ended when we moved to the property on Country Club Road, the former site of the Country Club of York in 1929. The Club’s growth exploded following the war years and resulted in a new image. With that image came a new name. A petition was filed to change the name to the Out Door Country Club, as we now know it.

During the 50’s, York College felt the pinch of tight space due to rapid growth and unfortunately needed the land on which the Club stood.  For the second time, a search for a suitable new home commenced.  Success came in 1957 when land was purchased in Manchester Township, along Detwiler Drive, to build a new prestigious clubhouse and golf course. In 1959 the Out Door Country Club moved to its current location. Over time, additions and improvements were completed along with renovations to the Clubhouse in 1994 – 1998 resulting in unparalleled splendor, class and style. Very reminiscent of days gone by.


ODCC Mission Statement

The Out Door Country Club is committed to providing high quality personal service and excellent value to our Members, their families and guests, including exceptional dining, sporting and social experiences at our first class private country club.