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Memberships at ODCC

The Out Door Country Club is a private country club in York, PA and offers different classes of membership to include the right amenities for you and your family.

Our prestigious golf course, four Har-Tru tennis courts, a Clubhouse for fine or casual dining and a heated swimming pool make ODCC the place to be when spending time with family and friends.  Don’t wait… Join Out Door Country Club today!

For any questions about country club memberships, please contact our Membership Director at 717.764.1188.

Become a Member Today

Core Memberships require an initial 12-month commitment. Tours are available upon request during regular business hours, Tuesday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Availability of evening or weekend tours are also available with advance notice.

Full Club Membership

For members age 45 and up.
This membership provides access to all of the Club's amenities including unlimited golf & access to the practice facilities, tennis, pool, dining, & social events.

Young Professional Golf Membership

For members 44 years old and under.
This membership provides access to all of the Club's amenities including unlimited golf & access to the practice facilities, tennis, pool, dining, & social events.

Recreation Membership

Recreation members enjoy access to the golf practice facilities, pool, tennis, dining, social events and six rounds of golf per membership per calendar year. Appropriate greens/cart fees apply. Rounds of golf limited to weekdays only.

Recreation+ Membership

This membership provides access to all of the Club's amenities including golf (after 12 pm on weekdays and after 2 pm on weekends) and access to the practice facilities, tennis, pool, dining, and social events.

Social Membership

Social members enjoy access to the pool, dining and social events. A practice facility package and/or tennis clinics package may be purchased annually.

Upgrading Membership

Membership upgrade options are always available to those who are interested in enjoying more of the Club's facilities. Please contact the Club for more information.


Dress Code

Members are encouraged to consider common sense, respect for tradition, modesty and the comfort level of fellow members when making dress code decisions.

ODCC’s dress code policy has evolved many times over the years. We would like to remind our members that we expect you to look your best when spending time at the Club and your attire should always reflect what we call ‘Country Club Casual’. It is the responsibility of all Members to be aware of our standard of attire and to ensure that their guests utilize these guidelines as well.

The Bistro is considered a more relaxed environment where casual dress and appropriate golf attire is acceptable. The Madison Avenue Grill is a more upscale casual dining experience and collared shirts are preferred for gentlemen. Clean and rip-free denim is appropriate in all areas of the Clubhouse. We do not encourage ‘athleisure’ attire for dining in the clubhouse. Hats may not be worn backward. Hats are acceptable in the locker rooms, Bistro and patio but are to be removed when elsewhere in the Clubhouse.


Cell Phones

When on Club property, cell phones and similar equipment are always to be on ‘silent mode’, so they do not ring for incoming calls or messages. In the Clubhouse, use of these devices must be confined to the lobby, Bistro and locker rooms. These devices are not to be used in the Ballroom or any of the other dining rooms. On the golf course and tennis courts, these devices should not slow down play, disrupt other participants, or interfere with the ambience of the property. On all other exterior Club property, these devices should be used with discretion so as not to disrupt other participants. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests also abide by this policy.

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